T-HUB Saves Your Online Business Time and Money

T-HUB Online and T-HUB Desktop are easy to use software solutions that streamline online order processing. Both seamlessly integrate your e-commerce business with QuickBooks accounting plus FedEx, USPS, and UPS shipping to save you time and money. T-HUB works with all popular online stores including online marketplaces like Amazon, ecommerce platforms like Magento, and shopping carts like WooCommerce. Plus, T-HUB includes access to exclusive offers from Atandra partners that further reduce ecommerce related expenses.

Connect Your Online Stores to QuickBooks


Process Orders up to 10 Times Faster

Workers In Distribution Warehouse

Reduce Shipping Costs up to 50%

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Atandra T-HUB Online

Use with QuickBooks Online including Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus editions.


Atandra T-HUB Desktop

Use with QuickBooks Desktop including Pro, Premiere, Enterprise, and Point of Sale (POS) editions.